Oregon Jailbird Posed For Mug Shot With His Parrot

buckner-and-parrotAn Oregon man arrested Monday posed for a mug shot with his pet parrot on his shoulder.

Following a court hearing, a Washington County judge ordered Craig Buckner, 38, jailed for violating release terms in connection with multiple misdemeanor theft cases.

Buckner, not expecting to land behind bars, arrived at the courthouse with his four-year-old red parrot, which he placed in a tree before heading inside the building.

After Buckner was taken into custody, he told a court deputy that his companion parrot was outside in a tree. Concerned for the bird’s safety, the deputy accompanied Buckner–who was handcuffed and shackled at the waist–to retrieve the parrot (which, by then, was surrounded by crows).

As seen above, Buckner posed for a series of mug shots, one of which shows the parrot perched on his left shoulder. The parrot was subsequently picked up by a friend of Buckner’s who agreed to care for the bird. full story