Massive Pillow Fight in Downtown Los Angeles on April Fools’ Day

Hundreds of children, teens, adults and seniors celebrated International Pillow Fight Day by participating in pillow fight in Downtown Los Angeles’s Pershing Square on Saturday for more than an hour.

Soft, fluffy, and occasionally menacing blows were exchanged by all during the event, which coincided with several others both nationally and in other parts of the world.

Video of the massive gathering, replete with feathers and colored cases, was posted to YouTube:

According to CBS Los Angeles, many wore pajamas, while others wore goggles and masks to protect their faces. By the end of the over hour-long fight, the ground of Pershing Square was reportedly covered with feathers.

Pillow fights also took place in New York City, Philadelphia, and other U.S. cities:

In the small Cyrpus suburb of Nicosia, dozens of youth took their fluffiest and sturdiest pillows to the streets for an amicable fight as club music blared in the background: full story