Three-Year-Old Girl ‘Takes Down’ Boy With Headlock And Offers Hilarious Explanation

Seeing children rationalize their way to adolescence is a trip, especially during the early years. While some of them will have rather extreme reactions that showcase their black and white sense of justice on particular issues, it all happens at a time where the consequences are pretty low risk, and correcting the behavior is usually all it takes to ensure that it doesn’t happen again often.

A lot of these growing pains happen when they’re first introduced to other children in daycare or school, and that’s exactly where 3-year-old Kynlee McFetridge ran into her most recent lesson of not putting other people in a headlock.

The video starts with Kynlee’s mom asking her what happened at school earlier that day, to which she responded, “I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down.” Read More