Co-Worker Brings Raw Chicken to the Office Potluck

The office potluck is an occasion for people to get together over some food. The office potluck is not an opportunity to poison everyone you dislike in the department by bringing raw chicken and a deep fryer to make some wings right on the spot.

Twitter user @caveofbeauty took to Twitter to live tweet an experience that seems more like a sketch from The Office than reality. It all begins with her sharing a photo of a bag packed of raw chicken one of her coworkers brought to work.



And yeah, he even brought his deep fryer to the rec-room with the smell of chicken wings forever. But it gets worse. He didn’t bring any kind of seasoning.



Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse – they did. She goes on to explain that after handing the raw chicken with bare hands, the coworker started touching everything.





Though at least we now know at least one person was cool with everything going on.





Did he have a method for checking if they were completely done? Nope.  He just bit into it the piece of raw chicken. He didn’t cut into it like any sane person would.





Sadly, not everyone was too lucky when they ate the chicken.





The guy came back with a second bag so they had to be pretty popular apparently.





To make things even better, this is only her third week on the job.




“My coworker had to leave early because she’s sick,” @caveofbeauty added later in the day. “He offered to make more tomorrow and I immediately said ‘no today was enough!’ And he laughed it off but sir I’m being serious.”

And here’s what is probably the saddest part…





If you’re not feeling sick after reading this post, something is wrong.