Social Media Stars BatDad and Jen Have Split

If you didn’t watch at least one Vine featuring BatDad in 2015, you clearly weren’t on top of your social media game.

The father-of-four, whose real name is Blake Wilson, first became popular on the now-defunct video hosting service for his parenting-themed clips, which featured him wearing a Batman mask and speaking in a raspy voice similar to the beloved superheroes.

The videos often featured Blake’s wife, Jen, and their kids: Taylor, Kaya, Sienna, and Ben. Though BatDad’s Vine account once boasted 3.6 million subscribers, the social network’s demise in 2017 tempered the family’s fame.

Sadly, BatDad and Jen are separated. Blake confirmed the news on Instagram after a fan asked if the duo was still together. “Nada, still friends though!” the fitness enthusiast wrote. “Trying to be co-parenting champions of the world lol.”

Even though they’ve split, the duo certainly appears amicable. A few days after he confirmed their breakup, Blake posted a video on Facebook of the funniest Jen and BatDad moments. As for Jen’s page, her bio still reads: “Yes, BatDad is my husband.” Read More. 

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