Chinese father hires virtual hitman to ‘kill’ son in online games – so he will get a job

  • The father paid better players to hunt son’s avatar
  • He hoped his unemployed son would then get bored and find work

A Chinese man concerned about his unemployed son’s gaming addiction hired online hitmen to ‘kill’ his avatar.

The man, named as Mr Feng, blames his 23-year-old son’s love for online role-playing games for his unemployment and found a radical way to get him into gear.

Mr Feng, who lives with his son in the Shaanxi province in central China, hired high-level players to kill his son’s character every time he went online to play in the hopes that this would see him tire of playing.

Mr Feng told Chinese newspaper Sanqing Daily that his son had begun playing online games in high school after which his grades deteriorated and Feng Jr. has struggled with keeping a job since.

He said he was annoyed that when his son finally found a job at a software development company he failed to stick it out for more than three months.

But unfortunately for Mr Feng, it appears his plan failed.

The 23-year-old, named by blogĀ Kotaku EastĀ as Xiao Feng, eventually asked his ‘murderers’ why they kept targeting him, and found out the truth.

Instead of encouraging him to get hired he told his father ‘I can play or I can not play, it doesn’t bother me. full story