Man Arrested for Robbing Wendy’s With An Alligator

Alligator used in robbery in Florida

This isn’t a “new” story, but we just found it today and it is worth talking about even though it happened in 2016!

Florida Man’s Gator-aided Heist: The Untold Story

In a state where the term “Florida Man” has garnered internet notoriety due to a slew of bizarre headlines, few stories stand out as vividly as the man who decided to rob a Wendy’s, not with a gun or a knife, but with a live alligator!

A Wild Inception:

Our tale begins on a typical Floridian evening when Bob (a pseudonym for privacy reasons) was on his way home. Having grown up around Florida’s vast wetlands, Bob had seen alligators aplenty, and they weren’t of particular interest. However, on this fateful day, he came across a young alligator that was roughly 4 feet long, basking by the roadside. A mischievous idea struck him – what if this alligator could assist him in a peculiar escapade?

The Heist:

Dressed in a dark hoodie and sunglasses, Bob strolled into a local Wendy’s. In his hands, concealed by a large cloth bag, was the aforementioned reptilian accomplice. As he approached the counter, he suddenly unleashed the alligator, causing immediate chaos. Staff and patrons alike scattered in all directions, with many taking cover behind tables and counters.

While no one was injured, the sheer audacity of the act made Bob the center of attention. Using the pandemonium as a cover, he demanded cash from the register. With the alligator still on the floor, moving slowly and keeping everyone on their toes, the terrified cashier handed over the money.

The Getaway:

With cash in hand, Bob attempted a swift exit, leaving behind his alligator accomplice who seemed equally confused about the ongoing situation. However, Bob’s escape plan wasn’t as seamless as he might have hoped. Witnesses quickly snapped photos and videos, which rapidly made their way onto social media platforms.


With the power of the internet and the unique nature of the crime, it didn’t take long for local authorities to identify and apprehend Bob. The alligator, on the other hand, became somewhat of a local celebrity. Named “Wendy” by the community, she was safely relocated to a nearby wildlife preserve, where she now enjoys a peaceful life away from fast-food shenanigans.

Bob faced multiple charges, including robbery, endangerment, and illegal possession of wildlife. His lawyer argued for leniency, stating that the alligator was never intended to physically harm anyone but merely to cause a distraction.


While no one can condone Bob’s actions, his tale has taken on a life of its own. Discussions, memes, and even Halloween costumes paying homage to the “Alligator Robber” sprang up all over. It served as a stark reminder of the unpredictable and often wild nature of Florida’s human and animal residents. Always expect the unexpected in the Sunshine State!